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Ep. 16: What’s Old is New Again… Beware of Rejoice?

June 15th, 2017

Anthony Venutolo and Jack Lugo discuss the never-ending slew of remakes, revivals, and reboots of TV shows and films that permeate pop culture. Grab a drink and join us as we talk about some of the current and upcoming nostalgia productions that have piqued our interest this year. Some of the properties we discuss include: 'Roseanne,' 'One Day at a Time,' 'Fuller House,' 'Twin Peaks,' 'Fargo,' 'Get Shorty,' the Universal Monster films, 'Creed,' 'Dirty Dancing,' 'Lethal Weapon,' 'Miami Vice,' and Stephen King’s 'It.'

With all these franchise properties being remade or redone in some way, it’s a wonder anything original ever gets produced at all. The phenomenon of the remake remains a perennial staple of popular culture sometimes much to our collective chagrin, however, a select few of these recent 'new' remakes pleasantly surprise us and dare we say exceed our expectations. Find out which of these productions earned our respect and which of them deserve to be cast away never to return (even though we know at some point they will).

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